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Have you been in a car accident?

...taken a fall?

...had a sprain or strain?

...hit your head?

...had any kind of traumatic injury, big or small?

Do you have a chronic use injury like tendonitis, headaches or muscle spasms?

Injury recovery is the core of what our physicians do and we do it extraordinarily well. In fact, our average patient has tried and failed to improve with treatment from multiple types of healthcare providers. (They're NOT seeing bad providers, they are just not seeing specialists for their particular condition.) Just as you would want an oncologist to treat you for cancer, you want a board certified physician who specializes in treating soft tissue and musculoskeletal dysfunction to help you recover from injuries of this nature.

Our physicians have a unique skill set to diagnose and treat complicated soft tissue conditions that lead to pain and restricted function. For most patients, this is achieved through medication management, various procedures or the use of stabilizing braces. We also work closely with many other specialties like orthopedics, neurology and specialized physical therapy to address elements of a patient's condition that require a different skill set or perspective.

Our appointments are very thuorough and typically, we see patients between four and eight times to resolve an injury (that number is based on our patient utilization data but there is no recipe or set number of visits), with visits typically two weeks to a month apart. (Is a "treatment" really effective if you have to be seen two or three times per week?) Best results are always achieved when the patient is an active participant in their care.