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Are you suffering from knee pain?

Have doctors told you your knees needs to be replaced?

Have you been told you are "bone on bone?"

We are getting exceptional results for people just like you.

Nearly 90% of our patients report significant improvement in their condition.

We have a comprehensive treatment protocol for Osteoarthritis and utilize multiple approaches to treating the condition to reduce inflammation and calm the tissues within the joint. Our patients typically have less pain, improved function (like climbing stairs or walking) and slowed progression of the disease.

We offer a risk free consultation to address the following:

1) Provide an education about arthritis and it's progression

2) Evaluate where each patient falls within that disease progression

3) Discuss treatment options and strategies for how to move forward

On a personal note, this consultation is not a sales pitch. It's not important to us that you come to our clinic for treatment. We just want you to get the best treatment possible. You can be from out of state, have insurance we can't accept, it doesn't matter... we will still gladly go through the consultation and education process as well as provide critical factors to choosing a treatment program. It's just part of our mission to support people in achieving their best health possible.

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