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How is a DO different than an MD?

A DO is a fully licensed physician who is credentialed to do anything an MD can do. A chiropractor has a separate type of license which requires less education and training, limiting their scope of treatment.

While a DO can treat your entire family with the same scope and quality of care you will receive from an MD, they are able to provide a broader type of total care by providing solutions to problems outside those routinely received in a typical clinic setting.

An MD (Medical Doctor) and DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) receive the same medical training and take the same licensing exams after medical school. DOs are taught to view medicine from the perspective of the entire body rather than one system. DOs receives additional training regarding the musculoskeletal system, which includes placing hands on the body to diagnosis and treat. Both MDs and DOs can provide exceptional care but Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine provides a DO a specific skill set to address musculoskeletal dysfunction.

How is a DO different from a chiropractor?