How We Are Different

For those who are not familiar with the medical industry, understanding the difference between a DO and an MD or Chiropractor can be a bit confusing. A DO is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, whereas an MD is a Doctor of Allopathic Medicine. There is no difference in what services either type of physician can provide. One is not better than the other and the vast majority of their training is nearly identical. While likely an oversimplification, the primary difference between DO and MD training is a matter of philosophy, where the DO perspective views all systems of the body as interconnected pieces of the larger system. In addition, DOs undergo a required 200 hours of training in hands-on diagnosis and treatment referred to as Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.

How Are DOs Different from Chiropractors?

A DO is a fully licensed physician who is credentialed to do anything an MD can do. A chiropractor, however, is not a physician. They have a separate type of license which requires less education and training, limiting their scope of treatment. As a physician, a DO can prescribe any medication required for treatment, order any tests or advanced images required for diagnosis and refer to any specialty appropriate to treat a patient, in addition to providing hands-on treatment of musculoskeletal tissues.

Chiropractic care often focuses on bone alignment and High-Velocity Low Amplitude (HVLA) techniques (Popping and cracking). This can provide immediate relief, but the root dysfunction often pulls bones back out of alignment requiring repeated treatments to maintain the desired result. Biweekly follow up treatments are typically required.

While HVLA techniques can be a useful tool, OMT performed by a DOs typically start by addressing soft tissue-like muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. This allows the physician to address the root cause of the dysfunction, achieving similar pain relief, but with longer lasting results. There are certainly exceptions but follow up visits are seldom more frequent than two weeks apart.

Differences in What to Expect

A small fraction of DOs dedicate sufficient time to become experts in this hands-on skillset for diagnosis and treatment of tissue related injury and dysfunction. At Restoration Osteopathic Medicine, our physicians are among the best in the country at this very skillset. In fact, students travel from medical schools across the United States and in some cases, the world for an opportunity to train with Dr. Works.

Our physicians will utilize their extraordinary skillsets and every appropriate diagnostic tool to define the root cause of your pain or dysfunction and create a treatment plan to improve your condition. These treatment plans very often involve stretching, massage or exercise techniques to alter physiology. Patient participation is critical to achieving a lasting resolution of any dysfunction.

Our Health Commitment to You

Our goal is to get you PAIN-FREE!

That’s not always a realistic goal but we want to help our patients achieve the best quality of life possible. Whether we treat you here in our clinic or help you find the right specialist to treat your condition, we are absolutely committed to finding answers to the origins of your pain, even when they’re elusive.

In our clinic:

  • We are committed to evidence-based best practice.
  • “Nothing opens someone’s wallet like pain.” Patients in pain are among the most likely to be taken advantage of with gimmicky devices or cash pay treatments that have no evidence of improved outcomes.
  • While our physicians have unique skillsets, the work they do is 100% rooted in evidence-based medicine.
  • You will always be treated with respect.
  • Your physician will truly listen.
  • Your appointment will not be rushed. (though there are time limitations)
  • You will partner with your physician in improving your pain and overall health.[MR1]

To learn more about our DOs and how they can help you find relief, contact us today to schedule an appointment

Meet Our Providers

Stephanie Works, DO

Medical Director

Dr. Gwyneth Jones, DNP, FNP-BC

Robert Klein, DO

Andrea M Buckler, DO

Hear From 150+ Happy Patients

Thomas W.
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Not your NORMAL Witch-Doctor, rather a Proficient practitioner! Highly recommend her practice!
Marissa H.
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I was involved in a car accident in April 2022. Previously, I had given the good old effort of going to some pretty intense physical therapy. I continued to have severe neck and shoulder pain that affected my daily life. I visited both Dr. Works and Dr. Klein, but primarily was treated by Dr. Works. Her care, sensitivity to how you were personally feeling, physically, mentally, & emotionally was always her top priority. She genuinely is there to listen, provide medical treatment, and make you feel better. We steered doing trigger point injections and after my first round, I was sold. They helped my body just curb the pain and feel relief for longer periods of time. If I ever need any pain management care in the future I know that Dr. Works is just a call away. Thank you for getting my body to feel better, I appreciate you.
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I have recommended her practice to a couple of people. I have been with her for over five years. I appreciate she understands my body and my needs.
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I had a wonderful experience and have already referred a friend.
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I am very impressed with the urgency of the staff and Dr. Works for getting me in so quickly. Everyone was patient and helpful.
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From intake to first procedure the staff is extremely warm & polite . Dr. Works knows what she's doing. She extremely knowledgable & more then willing she explain any questions you may want to ask, & ver pleasant.
The Tinkerer's Wife
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The whole spirit of the clinic is very welcoming. From reception to clinicians it was professional yet happy! My care was thorough and well explained in detail using terminology that was understandable. I was asked throughout the procedure how I was doing, was I comfortable, but honestly felt almost nothing. Another thing I appreciated, being able to see what was going on with my knee during the process. This aids in my understanding and that helps me relax more and be partner in my healing. I'd been referred by a friend who gave them high marks, they were not wrong.
Janet Birgenheier
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I really like Dr. Klein and find him to be extremely knowledgeable with a wonderful bedside manner. However, the administrative staff needs improvement. In early July, my husband left a voicemail message wanting to make an initial patient appointment, and they never called him back. They claimed they did call back, but I think they called the wrong number. They described hearing a voicemail greeting that would never have been from my husband. Then recently they sent me a bill for two visits for which I had already made the copayments. When I called to question this, they said they hadn't yet applied my payments to my account. This was for visits in June and July! And, the person I spoke to didn't even apologize for sending an incorrect bill. They need to clean up their administrative procedures, which are unprofessional and sloppy.
Luke Loberg
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Dr. Works and her team are amazing!! I was struggling with repetitive use knee injuries from basketball and tennis and after just two sessions my knee soreness and pain is almost completely gone! The clicking in my patella tendons around my kneecap is completely gone and my knee feels just as good after a workout as it did before. Thank you so much ROM!!
Tracy Johnson
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Highly recommend! In addition to the actual medical benefit of osteopathic medicine working for me, the entire group of doctors and staff are FANTASTIC! They actually care about you and treat you as someone they want to help improve their health.
Peggy Sellers
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Such a positive business. From Penny to Dr Work and Quinn, all were very friendly, professional and made me feel very hopeful and very comfortable. No rushing through any of it and everything was fully explained with reassurance.Highly recommend this practice.
Tom Welka
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The absolute best experience with a physican that I have had in my 72 years . Tremendous chair side manner. Highly recommend her practice!
Nathalie Parker
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I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Works. I have had knee pain since my early years in high school. I have had Arthroscopic Knee surgery in both my knees. Lasted 30yrs. Started having pain and knees starting giving out again. Did some research and found Dr. Works and her reviews were amazing. She treats you with respect and did not start out with "You need to lose weight" speech. With every knee injection I received the more relief I got. I am here to say the shots do not hurt, you don't feel them. Dr. Works numbs the site before the injection. She is a truly a miracle worker.
Megan Andersen
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It is normally so hard to find such compassion and true medical expertise in one place! I love working with privately owned and operated clinics such a different experience then most of all else you can find in 2023 healthcare. Keep it the good work team! Your new Medical Assistant is an incredible addition to such a great team!

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