Robert J. Klein, DO

Osteopathic Medicine located in Vancouver, WA

About Dr. Klein

Robert J. Klein is a physician specializing in osteopathic manipulative medicine, practicing at Restoration Osteopathic Medicine in Vancouver, WA. Dr. Klein has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa. As a young child on a farm in Iowa he sustained multiple low back injuries ultimately affecting the entire spine. He sustained a herniated fifth lumbar disc at 18 and did not want to have surgery so he made a few visits to the chiropractor. This experience piqued his interest with hands- on treatment. He was interest in medicine as a career since a young teenager, but was not aware of osteopathic medicine until halfway through college, and decided to pursue that medical degree because of his interest in using his hands to help people as part of his medical care.

He graduated from Des Moines University, College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, in 1989 and completed a one year rotating internship at Davenport Osteopathic Hospital in Iowa. He was involved in complete family practice in Iowa and Eastern Washington, including obstetrics, emergency department coverage, surgical assistant, medical examiner, making house calls, and the like for over 5 years. He worked at the Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine clinic at Eastmoreland Hospital in Portland, Oregon from 1989 until 1992. For the next 27 years he was self-employed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in private practice doing osteopathic manipulative medicine exclusively. In March 2020 he began working in this office in Vancouver.

Dr .Klein has a special interest in gentle manipulative techniques as these helped him the most while recovering from his severe symptoms. He has also benefited from prolotherapy and trigger point injections.

Dr. Klein very much appreciates his wife, and together they have 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren. In his spare time he enjoys keeping a journal, bicycling, welding, fixing things in general, growing and carding for trees, and self-maintenance exercise.