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The highly experienced team led by Stephanie Works, DO, at the state-of-the-art practice, Restoration Osteopathic Medicine, in Vancouver, Washington, caters to patients of all ages. They believe in treating the whole person — not just a set of symptoms — to accomplish their goal of alleviating acute and chronic pain. Because of this, many patients are referred to the practice who haven’t experienced pain relief through traditional medicine with other medical providers.

The main goal of providers at Restoration Osteopathic Medicine is to get you pain-free so you can enjoy your life. They utilize evidence-based osteopathic manipulative medicine treatments to address soft tissue-like muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.

Some of Restoration Osteopathic Medicine’s services include pain treatment for your knees, arthritis, athletic injuries, and auto accident injury rehabilitation. The medical team can help you manage your pain medication to limit side effects, monitor mental health, and prevent any kind of dependency. They also provide pediatric care for your children.

Restoration Osteopathic Medicine always puts their patients first. The compassionate providers ensure you’re treated with respect and take the time to listen to your medical concerns and respond with a comprehensive, personalized, and evidence-based treatment plan.

To learn more about osteopathic medicine and how it can help you on your journey toward optimal health, call Restoration Osteopathic Medicine today. You can also schedule your appointment online.




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Using evidence-based techniques, osteopathy goes beyond symptoms to address the real source of pain.

Knee Pain

We help patients with knee pain feel better and build strength to keep the pain from coming back.

Auto Accidents

Faster, better recovery from serious injuries can be achieved with osteopathic medicine.

Medication Management

With proper planning, we can work toward reducing, or even removing, the need for drugs.

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